My name is Chris and I am a Florida girl who loves flower photography, chasing light, and guitar players, among other things. All images are mine unless otherwise specified.


Happy Sunday, tumblroonies!  

Today is my 37th birthday.  I am introspective and think-y, as per usual on my birthday.  But I’m also excited for big plans I have for this year.  I’m making some important changes and finally, FINALLY, taking steps to make some dreams come true.  I hope you will all come along for the ride.  It’s going to be a blast.

But first, there will be bacon.  And maybe bagels.  And then tonight I’m making cheesecake.  I’ll save you all a piece.

  1. lilytrail said: Happy birthday!!
  2. yeahhappy said: Happy Birthday to a lady that always brightens my dash with lovely pictures of warm(!) places. Blessings from cold IL.
  3. thefount said: Happy birthday!
  4. relovingit said: Ooooo, can’t wait to hear about these changes! I love a good milestone-inspired resolution.
  5. cattyfantastic said: Happy Birthday!
  6. goldengraham72 said: Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an incredible day, and an amazing year!
  7. embracethelost said: Happy birthday, dear sweet friend. I hope you have a wonderful time today. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. <3
  8. escapereality said: Happy Birthday!!!! Xoxo
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  12. cloudya said: Happy birthday!!!! Lots of love and bacon :D
  13. davesnothere said: Happy Birthday!!